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A Starting Place

This page is established for the purpose of finding my Daughter. I am Josephine Nieto. My sincerest desire and sole intent is to make a contact point available in the event that she may be seeking her Birth Mother


I'm looking for a 28 year old woman who was born in Houston, Texas, at Jefferson Davis Hospital on August 3,1975, 7:46 p.m. with the given name Amber Michelle Nieto.  She was born with thick black hair, blue eyes, and of Anglo/Latino ancestry.
Amber was adopted by an unknown party after being surrendered to a Christian adoption agency in Houston by her mother at approximately one week of age. The date of this Adoption is unknown.


Unfortunately I have no other information.  If you know of these circumstances, this person, or if you know that you are this person and wish to open a dialog, please enter your Response and Contact information by following this link
Please get in touch